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ALE engineer inspires next generation of women in STEM

ALE is to be represented at an Inspirational Women in STEM event, celebrating women’s involvement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), in Birmingham, UK.

Daisy Partlow, Project Engineer at ALE, will be looking to inspire future talented engineers by speaking about some of the women who inspired her to pursue a career in STEM, which led to her working as an engineer on major heavylifting projects at ALE.

Daisy Partlow, shares:


“It’s a fantastic honour to be asked to increase the profile of women in STEM and encourage others based on my own experiences. A large part of my university life was based around working with the STEM community to celebrate the success of people in those fields and I wanted to continue that.”

“Having previously been involved with a variety of initiatives, since I’ve been working as an engineer with ALE I have been even more passionate about inspiring young people to pursue a career in STEM subjects. Engineering expertise is at the centre of what we do and my career in STEM has already given me such a variety of interesting experiences. It’s important to share this and inspire the next generation of women in STEM.”

The Inspirational Women in STEM event features women from a variety of sectors with the aim that by speaking about those who have inspired them, they will in turn inspire other women to pursue a career in STEM. The evening is part of STEM Social, a series of quarterly networking events that seek to increase engagement among the STEM community.

The event is part of International Women’s Day celebrations and will be held on 7th March at The Cornerblock, in Birmingham, UK.

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