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ALE receives port safety award for bespoke transport solution

ALE has been named ‘Safest Contracting Company 2019’ by APM Terminals following their work at the Port of Algericas, Spain.

The annual awards recognise companies that have demonstrated the best safety capabilities. APM Terminals was particularly impressed by ALE’s professionalism and heavylifting expertise. This was demonstrated in a bespoke design for the manoeuvres at the port, with ALE’s operation considered the safest work completed at the APM Algericas terminal.

ALE provided a safer solution on a project for the transportation of four cranes within the port. The cranes were loaded-out onto a vessel and then secured using sea fastening specially designed by ALE, which increased the safety of the transportation. The cranes were then transported and loaded-in. With port schedules critical, transporting the cranes by sea enabled ALE to minimise disruption at the terminal so that other operations could continue.

Elena Muñoz, Project Manager, commented, “We are delighted to have been presented with this award from APM Terminals. It is a fantastic recognition of ALE’s commitment to improving safety across a variety of projects and continuing to strive for the best possible HSQE standards.”