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ALE’s new 10,000t capacity crane meets growing demand for modular lifts

ALE has announced its latest record-breaking innovation – the huge SK10,000 crane

With an exceptional lifting capacity of 10,000t (11,020 US tons), the SK10,000 takes the mantle of world’s largest land-based crane from the AL.SK350. It will enable new levels of project efficiencies in schedule certainty, reduced risk, increased safety and cost reduction for our clients.

Demand for the lifting of larger and heavier modules for FPSO and FLNG construction is growing as clients recognise the benefits this construction methodology can bring, and our own AL.SK350 has performed world record module lifts in the range of 3,000t. The SK10,000 will allow modules to be installed directly onto ship’s hulls, far in advance of what has been possible to date in terms of both lift weights and impact on project efficiency.


Crucially, the SK10,000 utilises the same design as the AL.SK190 and AL.SK350, which have opened new possibilities in FPSO construction and have been proven successful across the globe in many major projects. The new crane has been developed to deliver unparalleled lifting capacity with a similar footprint and ground bearing pressures to the AL.SK350, as well as a number of other key advantages:

  • Huge outreach with jib of up to 200m (655ft).
  • Ground bearing pressure below 25te/m2.
  • Winch hoisting system – with various hook blocks to maximise lift capacity and hoisting speed.
  • Small plot area. Central ballast design eliminates the need to install a full ring or crane track unless it is required for the project, reducing occupancy of the lifting area by up to 45%. This is ideal for busy shipyards or restricted access oil refineries and petrochemical plants.
  • Reduced on-site disruption. Large lifting radius allows the crane to be fully rigged and operated off-plot, with fewer lifting positions and less ground preparation. Foundation work can continue while critical pieces are installed, minimising disruption, reducing schedule and lowering cost.
  • Simplified logistics and assembly. Containerised design and fast-assembly minimise mobilisation and assembly time. ALE’s specialists can assemble the crane in a matter of weeks using standard plant and a crawler crane.

Ronald Hoefmans, ALE’s Group Technical Director, commented:

“ALE is widely recognised as the leader of innovation in our industry and continues to develop ground-breaking solutions. With our innovations in lifting super-heavy modules for projects such as FPSO and FLNG construction, ALE offers important advantages in terms of managing safety and minimising project schedule and costs.

“We not only solve our client’s existing challenges, but also look to the future in enabling our clients to achieve industry firsts that later become the industry standard. These are benefits that our existing AL.SK190 and AL.SK350 cranes are already delivering, and the introduction of the SK10,000 takes this to a whole new level.

“This means that individual lifts of up to 10,000t are now possible, allowing clients to build larger modules more efficiently in fabrication yards and access a highly mobile and flexible solution to lift them.”


Download the SK10,000 brochure