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ALE Receives Toyota Safety Award

Safe site mentality awarded with crane relocation project

ALE’s safety efforts have been recognised and awarded with a ‘Safety Excellence’ certificate whilst executing the relocation and removal of two cranes at a manufacturing plant in the UK.

ALE was tasked with relocating one overhead crane and removing another within the manufacturing yard using ALE’s Lift ‘n’ Lock and SPMTs.

In order to ensure safety and stability during this operation, which was taking place amongst other live plant operations, ALE utilised their in-house engineering to carry out a comprehensive study to determine stability and the centre of gravity. By utilised a lifting system with a mechanical locking system, as opposed to a hydraulic system, they provided a safer methodology and reduced risk.

Sam Smith, Project Manager, explained:

“Safety is our priority and ensure that risk is reduced not only in our engineering, but by thoroughly briefing all crew members with a Toolbox Talk beforehand. The client was so impressed by the crew’s safe mentality and professionalism shown throughout that they were presented with the team with the award. I’m really proud of the team involved and demonstrates how seriously we take safety.”

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