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The quick, versatile jacking system designed for restricted spaces.

Innovation series

The Mega Jack 300 is the automated, next-generation jacking system for heavy loads where time and room is limited. Offering a superior solution to traditional climbing jacks, it is ideally suited for oil and gas, port and civil projects.


Project efficiency

Rapid reconfiguration and jacking times of 10 layers per hour help bring project schedules forward.

Site optimisation

Quickly configured in extremely congested spaces, allowing other activities to continue at the same time.

Turnkey solution

Ability to be integrated with different systems and flexibility for different applications, from weighing to support.

Lifting capacity

The system can be configured with a scalable number of towers. Each can lift 10m without bracing.

Reduced risk

Computer-controlled system and comprehensive user-machine interface means accuracy is increased. Working at height is reduced as work is conducted at ground level.

Reduced logistical cost

All systems are containerised for cost-effective shipping and transportation. Very low starting height of just 1300mm means loads can be picked up directly from conventional and SPMT trailers.

The Mega Jack 300 is just the latest jacking system innovation in the Mega Jack series, which has redefined the boundaries of heavy lifting projects and also includes the original Mega Jack and the Mega Jack 800. These stable, time and cost effective jacking systems can be utilised in a range of applications across different sectors, from nuclear and offshore, to civil and petrochemical plants.


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Learn how the Mega Jack 300 meant the Al Zour refinery project could bring forward project times.

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