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ALE use innovative tower cranes for Thailand wind project

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ALE is utilising two innovative tower cranes on Wind Energy Holding’s Thepharak wind farm project, Thailand, to handle and install over 700 wind components.

The global heavylifting contractor was contracted to perform both the craneage and installation of 60 wind turbine generators (WTGs), with the components weighing up to 120t each and a hub height of 157m.

Commencing in December, ALE used two of the new K1650L tower cranes, as well as crawler and mobile cranes to lift and install the WTG components.

The K1650L cranes were chosen as the low counterweight, increased visibility, quick assembly functionality, ability to work in high winds and with uneven or small hardstands optimises overall project efficiency.

“For this project, we are using the most time and cost-effective method to install WTGs at this hub height. By using these compact pedestal cranes, the civil works and costs have been significantly reduced for our client. The crane has lifting capabilities like no other tower crane on the market and we are pleased with the good results in lifting and installation activities on the project so far,” explained Tommy Quik, Project Manager for ALE.

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