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ALE’s heavy lifting capabilities recognised in space satellite transportation

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ALE has received an award for their role in the delivery of an Argentine satellite, SAOCOM 1A, for CONAE to be launched in a Space-X rocket.

Recognised for their participation and commitment, ALE drew on their multi-service capabilities and undertook considerable co-ordination with third parties during the project. ALE’s long-standing heavy lifting experience enabled them to work with stringent risk management and quality control requirements throughout.

“We are delighted to receive such great feedback from the client and have our team’s dedicated professionalism formally recognised, having strived to satisfy them by delivering a complex, successful operation to schedule,” commented Pablo Artusi, ALE’s Sales Manager.

“We are hugely proud of ALE’s work as the main contractor on this project, and to have contributed to this great milestone in Argentina’s space programme development.”

ALE transported the satellite, weighing 12t, from its fabrication yard to Bariloche airport using a convoy of over 12 vehicles. ALE then lifted the satellite and it was loaded into an Antonov plane, ready to be launched at Vandenberg airfield. Once this stage was completed, ALE went on to perform the transportation of ancillary equipment within the USA and the maritime transportation of remaining components back to Chile and overland to Argentina.

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