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Italian cruise ship lengthened using multiple techniques

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ALE has used its skidding and heavy transportation expertise to successfully lengthen a cruise ship in Palermo, Italy.

The cruise ship, Grimaldi Roma, originally measured up to 225m. Once the new section was installed, another 30m was added onto the ship, taking it to around 255m once complete.

To install the new section, weighing around 2,540t, ALE optimised their equipment fleet and deployed skid shoes, varying from 500t – 1,000t capacity, along with 96 axle lines of SPMT in a configuration of 4 x 2 file 24.

The new ‘mid section’ was transported by SPMTs, while the ship cut section, weighing around 10,500t, was skidded across skid tracks so the new section could be installed. In consideration of the sheer size and weight, ALE opted for lateral skidding to ensure stability throughout.

“This was a technically complex manoeuvre and we had to design a methodology to cope with the size and weight of the ship. I want to thank the team for all of their hard work to ensure that we achieved this engineering milestone,” said Elena Muñoz Collado, Project Manager for ALE.

Read the full story about the first ship lengthening.

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