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New clamps enhance wind tower transportations

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ALE has expanded their route options for heavy transportation in the wind sector after investing in four sets of unique tower clamps that are providing more efficient transportation of wind towers in Thailand.

The RA4 tower clamps can transport towers weighing up to 150t and were specially manufactured for ALE. As onshore towers are increasingly being fabricated longer and heavier, one of the challenges in planning the transportation of large wind components is the need to comply with local weight restrictions and other regulations.

To enable ALE to continue transporting towers as safely and efficiently as possible, they wanted a high capacity system without compromising on the size. Longer than the original design, the new clamps enable more axles to be placed underneath and transport the towers at a lower ground level, distributing the load more efficiently. The new clamps result in less ground bearing pressure, providing ALE with greater flexibility when designing transportation routes. This has expanded the number of trailer options and opened up shorter journeys that are more cost-efficient.

ALE has already deployed the new tower clamps on a wind farm project in Thailand, with plans to use them on other wind farm operations across the region alongside the rest of ALE – Wind Services’ fleet.

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