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Safety recognition for port crane move

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ALE has been selected as the Best Contractor Company who demonstrated the best safety performance whilst working at the Port of Tanjung Pelepas in Johor, Malaysia.

ALE’s Malaysian branch was contracted to perform the relocation and shuffling works of nine port cranes, weighing 1,850t each. Over 10 days, ALE moved the cranes using 88 axle lines of SPMT and two transport beams to transport the port cranes in a safe and timely manner.

When delivering each crane, ALE always made safety the top priority. Every crane had to be transported through the wharf and lowered down into its new position. One of the challenges was also ensuring that the crane was placed on top of the rail track, along the wharf and could not be out of place. ALE spent one month discussing and planning with the client in order to work out the best solution to deliver the cranes within the tight schedule and whilst avoiding any disruption to the terminal’s traffic and activities.

The project was completed four days ahead of the expected schedule provided by the client.

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