The trusted partner for port operators and equipment manufacturers throughout the world

We provide an extensive range of services to the ports sector including harbour crane transportation, erection and enhancement

Every square metre of port space must work at maximum efficiency. Whether loading in, loading out, storing goods or enhancing handling capacity, it’s vital that timescales are met and disruption to other work is kept as low as possible. We have transported many types of cranes to locations across the world and as a result, global and local manufacturers return to us time and again to execute their projects quickly, efficiently and safely.

  • We are able to offer harbour crane transportation using state-of-the-art equipment so that assets are ready for new sections to be added, helping ports to increase cargo handling capacity when required
  • Besides using our extensive fleet of trailers and skidding capabilities to relocate cranes within ports, we use our global sourcing contacts to ship them worldwide – with all the marine engineering, barging and sea-fastening that entails
  • Alongside work on existing cranes, these services are used for new cranes which require shipping from suppliers and installing in situ
  • We also offer flexible methods for recovering cranes after collision or storm damage, designed to address the unique requirements of working within this sector

ALE is the trusted heavy lifting and transportation supplier for port operators and equipment manufacturers throughout the world. Our continued investment in new design and engineering methods helps us to drive up our customers’ productivity.

Watch ALE transport, load-out and load-in STS cranes in Spain

Load-out two STS cranes at Noatum terminal, Malaga, and load-in of the same cranes at Noatum terminal in Valencia

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