Minerals and Metals

Our broad experience in mining equipment heavy transportation and lifting  helps our customers to achieve the highest possible output from their assets.

As mining facilities are built in increasingly remote locations, operators must be prepared to transport modules at short notice across the most inhospitable of terrains. Once on-site, equipment needs to be brought up-and-running as quickly as possible to maximise its productivity.

Whether it’s relocating heavy mining equipment on existing sites or across continents, ALE allows heavy components to be moved swiftly and efficiently. This activity supports modular construction; as equipment can be manufactured remotely and brought to site.

For existing mines, our SPMTs, lifting, jacking and skidding capabilities enable us to move fully assembled equipment rather than dismantling it. Our cross-sector experience allows us to assist with on-site construction projects, such as roof lifts, module replacement or the laying of large pipework.

We can also deliver equipment to site from ports – again transporting items whole and positioning them exactly where they are required. This helps our customers to save valuable setup time.

Our broad experience in mining equipment transportation and lifting, specialist engineering expertise, seamless logistics service and swift deployment helps our customers to achieve the highest possible output from every location.

Watch ALE’s Record 3,400km Transportation in Kazakhstan

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