Best-in-class equipment and tailored engineering solutions for complex marine and offshore movements

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Technical advances in offshore have made the fabrication of complete topsides in excess of 50,000t possible, boosting production efficiency. At the same time, modular construction techniques routinely see topsides constructed and installed in different hemispheres. So, it’s important to work alongside an offshore heavy lifting partner that engineers on a global scale.


Offshore Services Division

We are world leaders in floatover installations, having the largest integrated ballasting systems supported by a dedicated marine engineering division with decades of experience. ALE Offshore Services supports every stage in the project lifecycle; including FEED engineering, fabrication, load-out, installation and the decommissioning of offshore facilities.

A large range of specialist modular equipment, such as the revolutionary Mega Jack system, is available for use in offshore projects and can be adapted and deployed to best suit individual project requirements. Our Hydro Deck can load and unload entire topsides in tidal ranges of up to ten metres, while ballasting systems offering up to 60,000 Cu.m/h allow some of the world’s largest load-out operations to take place safely.

This allows us to bring an adaptable and localised service focused on delivering timely, efficient work. For decades, ALE has specialised in providing best-in-class equipment and tailored engineering solutions to deliver complex marine and offshore movements.


Offshore abnormal lifting specialists

Our Conbit operation provides enhanced offshore capabilities and unique equipment, such as temporary cranes that are developed in-house and assembled on site, required for offshore lifting and maintenance operations.  For below-deck lifting, speed can be vitally important and we have the expertise to make the necessary preparations to ensure that this can be achieved. For even more specialised lifting operations, we can provide customised solutions.

Conbit are highly-experienced in flare-tip replacements, with a proven track record of safely completed projects across the world. As the ultimate goal of flare-tip replacement is to execute a safe operation with minimal shutdown time, their mechanical flare tip replacement method using their lightweight temporary lifting equipment is a safer, more reliable and less costly alternative to a flare tip replacement using a helicopter.

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A solution to extreme tidal ranges

Hydro Deck is a mobile port solution designed to load and unload in tidal ranges up to 10 meters using a sophisticated ballasting system. With unique tidal compensation capabilities and 100% redundancy in its ballasting systems, the Hydro Deck can dramatically improve the overall project delivery schedule as well as quayside and cargo vessel utilisation through optimised logistics.

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