Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

We mitigate risk and expedite schedules for major energy projects across the world

Working in partnership with major energy companies, asset operators and EPCs

The sheer logistics of moving modules of increased size and weight has become a critical factor in the extent to which projects can be modularised, and therefore the efficiencies that can be achieved. During revamps and shutdowns, it remains critical to minimise downtime as far as possible, often under high pressure.

Our knowledge and experience have helped to deliver some of the biggest energy projects, as well as critical maintenance and revamp work. We achieve this by active involvement from the pre-FEED stage to plan and deliver the most efficient solutions for the transportation and installation of critical plant items, modules and equipment.

Our SK10,000, the world’s largest capacity land-based crane, is capable of lifting 10,000t and has allowed us to engineer movements of a magnitude that was previously impossible. This is complemented by our wide range of other equipment critical to the oil and gas sector, including a comprehensive fleet of cranes, trailers and gantry lift systems.

With a significant presence in all of the world’s key oil and gas centres, ALE works in partnership with major energy companies, asset operators and EPC contractors to help mitigate project risk and expedite schedules.

Our FPSO and FLNG module integration capabilities

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Discover how our revolutionary SK cranes have enabled new levels of project efficiencies in schedule, safety and cost for the lifting of ultra-heavy oil and gas modules.

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The Mega Jack 300 is the automated, next-generation jacking system for heavy loads where time and room is limited. Offering a superior solution to traditional climbing jacks, it is ideally suited for oil, gas and petrochemical projects.

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