Smarter solutions to renewable energy challenges

Renewable energy sources are moving towards both price and performance parity, helping to balance supply where once they would have been considered a burden. More focus is falling on local power generation, increased storage and advanced control systems; incorporating artificial intelligence. Therefore, there’s a trend towards power generation in more remote locations, backed up by sizeable storage facilities to manage peaks and troughs.

Building on our experience in the wider power sector, we have used our knowledge and expertise to develop smarter renewable energy heavy lifting and transportation solutions to the unique logistical challenges this brings. Our services in the area include the transportation of heavy equipment across challenging terrains and international borders, the installation of assets on site under strict time and space constraints, and maintenance operations on heavy components.

Typically, this involves: our array of heavy haulage vehicles, girder trailers and SPTs; gantry and skid shoe equipment designed to lift and slide precisely; or jacking systems that can securely lift existing modules, allowing scheduled works to take place.

All of these renewable energy heavy lifting and transportation services allow our customers to get up and running quickly, manage the grid effectively and help to diversify and strengthen global energy supply.


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