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ALE is playing a vital role in the renewable energy sector. Building on our experience in the power sector, we have used our knowledge and expertise to develop smarter solutions to the challenges created by the increasing size and weight of wind turbines and associated components. We own a fleet of specialised equipment that is specifically used for projects in this sector and can maximise time and cost savings.

Unlike others in the industry, ALE provides the complete solution; the transportation, craneage and installation (TCI) package. The transportation phases of projects include route assessments, liaising with local authorities, removal and replacement of any street furniture or obstacles on the route. We also provide port handling services, which includes equipment inspection, blade damage assessment, storage facilities and the loading or reloading of equipment to specialist transport.

The ALE – Wind Services division provides dedicated services in the wind energy sector, for both onshore and offshore operations. ALE – Wind Services operates world-wide to compliment the core transportation and heavylifting services of ALE’s local branches, whilst providing that enhanced level of specialist expertise with one simplified interface for optimised cost, contract and project management. Services include the mechanical and electrical installation, Balance of Plant (BoP), maintenance and project management as well as specialised project engineering that can be fully customised to client requirements.

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Name: ALE’s latest transport solution optimises costs for offshore wind projects

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