A comprehensive shipyard heavy lifting and transportation service

Shipyards must constantly respond to global trends: in commodity prices, in consumption of consumer goods, for more environmentally-sustainable fuelling; the list goes on. Work to construct or modify vessels can therefore take place under extremely strict time constraints, and with a requirement to keep productivity high until the very last minute.

We offer a complete shipyard heavy lifting service for whole block transportation during major ship and submarine building projects, including load-out, marine engineering, barging, transportation and lifting services. We play a vital role in these processes, designing and implementing the movements of huge vessels and modules, positioning them with pinpoint accuracy.

Besides shipbuilding, we assist during the lengthening of vessels and the enlargement or complete revamping of hulls. We’re also regularly called on to expedite key repairs by removing engines, parts from engine rooms or suspending complete engines while work is carried out. In addition, we can handle vessels that can’t be constructed on the slipway and transport ship sections from fabrication to installation yards.

This work has enabled the successful launch of many consumer, commercial and defence vessels, allowing each to remain operational for the longest possible timeframe.

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