SPMT Heavy Transportation


ALE’s state-of-the-art SPMT fleet offers a flexible and cost effective way to move large items

Our latest SPMT equipment provides a modular solution to meet the demands of even the most challenging assignments. These self propelled modular transporters can be configured to support tasks ranging from the movement of single item heavy loads to heavy lifting for major integrated logistics projects. Our strategic locations covering all regions of the world allow us to maintain excellent availability, so we can keep mobilisation costs to an absolute minimum and respond quickly to client requirements as they arise.

SPMTs are critical to a wide range of heavy transport challenges because of their flexibility in use. They are capable of being configured in a virtually limitless range of formations to cater for different projects, and are equipped with a 360 degree steering system and the ability to raise or lower deck height for maximum flexibility in use.

We use this SPMT technology  daily across projects as diverse as port crane installations, the transport of renewable energy components and the replacement of road and rail bridges. It has also played a key role in many of ALE’s high profile jobs. Examples include:

  • the mobilisation of a record-breaking 600 axle lines to transport a 17,000t load in South Korea
  • transportation of large oil and gas modules often demanding a high level of manoeuvrability in limited site space.

Our substantial fleet of the latest-generation SPMTs offers maximum performance and operational flexibility, and is operated by a team of highly trained personnel who maintain it to the highest standards. This is backed by ALE’s specialist engineering expertise to ensure the most efficient solution to your project challenge is found and delivered effectively.


SPMTs are just one component of our comprehensive capabilities. With years of experience and one of the largest fleets of heavy transportation axles and ancillary equipment in the world, ALE is a globally renowned authority in abnormal load transport.

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