We have the expertise in-house to design bespoke ballast systems, tailored to the particular challenges of offshore platforms and topsides.

In addition, we offer a range of hydraulic submersible ballast and de-ballast pumps to undertake high-capacity barge operations such as ballasting load-outs and load-ins. We frequently supply ballast and de-ballast systems capable of over 60,000 Cu M/h. The system is fully computer monitored to ensure accuracy, and can be used in conjunction with our innovative skidding and strand jack equipment to perform sophisticated load-out operations.

Control of the ALE barge ballasting system can be offered at two levels:

  • locally, via the mounted panel situated on each hydraulic power pack, which allows the operator to control each pump or flow distribution butterfly valve individually
  • or remotely, using in-house designed software and accompanying PLC control interface panels mounted on each power pack

We provide flexibility and efficiency by holding a variety of common barge configurations on our database to minimise setup time on new operations.

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