Unlimited Jacking Capabilities

Jacking systems provide a cost-effective lifting solution for the movement of a wide range of structures, from single buildings, through bridges, to entire topsides weighing tens of thousands of tonnes. Our jacking systems can be used in combination with strand jacks and skidding solutions to precisely manoeuvre loads to the required location.

Traditional Jacking Systems

Our traditional jacking capacity ranges from 15t to 6,000t. Jacking systems include strand jacks which provide a cost-effective lifting and pulling solution for the fabrication and load-out of offshore jackets, platforms and modules.

We also operate a large inventory of hydraulic climbing jacks up to 1,000t capacity that can be operated in multiple hydraulic circuits for load equalisation.

Mega Jack 

The revolutionary system developed to push structures of staggering weights and sizes. The Mega Jack’s flexible, efficient design is based on individual towers that can be configured in any formation to suit the particular demands of a project, providing enormous strength and stability.

The range includes the Mega Jack 5200, which has lifted modules of over 40,000t, and the smaller-scale Mega Jack 800 and Mega Jack 300 – meaning there is a system suitable for a wide range of applications within industry sectors such as nuclear, offshore, civil construction and petrochemical.

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