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Load-in & Load-out

ALE is an authority on the design and development of load-out systems for platforms and jackets. Our speciality service allows modules to be transported hundreds of metres to the load-out quay, allowing several modules to be built at the fabrication facility without impeding access to the quay, and multiple load-outs to be executed from a single load-out point. The result is minimum site disruption and maximum efficiency.

The 360˚ computer controlled steering capability of our SPMTs provides a wide choice of build positions, and our trailer configurations are always designed to meet the specific parameters and constraints of each project.

Low ground bearing pressures minimise the need for site preparation or strengthening. Alternatively, if there is an existing skidway, we can help minimise costs by providing the strand jacking equipment required to pull equipment for load-out, where our high capacity ballast systems with manifold and integrated pipework can perform ballasting operations of up to 60,000t per hour.

Load-in and load-out by strand jacks

Where there is an existing skidway, we can help minimise costs by providing the strand jacking equipment required to pull the modules for load-out. Strand jacks provide a cost-effective lifting and pulling solution for the load-out of offshore jackets, platforms and modules. Using ALE’s diesel driven power packs, they facilitate load-outs of up to 50 metres per hour. Our strand jacks range from 15t to 1,045t pulling capacity per unit.

Load-in and load-out by skidding

ALE was the first company to design, develop and operate the hydraulic compensated skid-shoe system. It enables us to provide a skid track when there is no existing skid track available.

Our equipment includes hydraulic skid-shoes with stainless steel bases that move over low-friction blocks laid into steel skid-tracks. The systems we provide range from 25t to 1,250t capacity, with the option of combining a number of skid-shoes to create the most suitable solutions and perform skid load-outs in excess of 20,000t.

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