Marine Engineering

Marine engineering specialists with decades of experience in the field

ALE can provide clients with a dedicated team available worldwide as an individual service or as part of a bigger project. This team of naval architects and structural engineers provide engineering analysis, R&D and marine operational supervision on land and at sea, to safely deliver the best solutions for clients. The preparation of proposals, procedures, technical writing and engineering reports is also available.

Engineering analysis includes:

Ship designing

3D modelling

Load-out and load-in analysis

Ballasting analysis

Mooring analysis

Risk analysis

Marine transportation analysis

Float-off and float-in analysis

Launching analysis

Flotation and upending analysis

Local and global strength check

Fender design

Jetty design

Sea-fastening design

Finite element analysis

Marine operational services include:



Conducting the transport operations from land to sea or from sea to sea

On-site supervision involves:

Internal and external ballasting system monitoring

Load-out and load-in operations (i.e. skid pulling and Ro-Ro method)

Float-off and float-on operations

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